A band currently on the rise in South Texas, The Juantanamos music reflects the diversity of their surroundings by drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles; creating a sound that manages to be both hauntingly familiar and completely unique at the same time.

Since their last show at South By Southwest, the Juantanamos have been quietly writing and recording music for the follow-up to their acclaimed 2015 debut album “Ghost Tracks”; currently scheduled for release in mid-2017.

“We love playing together and sharing what we do with the world, so we’re all extremely excited and honored to be able to perform for the beautiful people of Reno at this year’s Reno Air Races”, says guitarist Ryan Chadek.

Last October, the band celebrated Halloween by taking on the ambitious task of re-creating Pink Floyd’s iconic album “Dark Side of the Moon” live, which they did ceremoniously – complete with guest musicians, laser lights, and “Wizard of Oz” visuals.

Their show at the Reno Air Races promises to be another event not to miss as the band presents over 2 hours of live music including some of rock’s biggest hits, songs from their debut “Ghost Tracks”, a sneak peek at a few songs from their upcoming second album, and a surprise special guest appearance sure to bring down the hangar!

The Juantanamos are: John Agather (acoustic rhythm guitar), Ryan Chadek (electric guitar), Michael Carey (drums), Daniel Elliott (keyboards), Conor Gober (bass), and Albert Steves (electric guitar.) The group also enlists the Grammy-award winning audio engineering talents of Art Guillermo Jr. as their final, integral piece of the puzzle.

For booking information, email booking@juantanamos.com.