• “The Juantanamos first album is a fresh and rockin’ surprise from top to bottom.”Hector Saldana - San Antonio Express News


The Juantanamos Welcome Dale Vincent

We’d like to welcome our newest member to The Juantanamos (drum roll please)…the amazingly talented Dale Vincent is taking Mike’s place as our new drummer. Mike recently made the... Read more

The Juantanamos Abide

Don’t miss our tribute to The Big Lebowski and your chance to download a FREE sneak peek of music from our next album! Tickets on sale now. Grab a White Russian and pull up a...Read more Read more

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Ghost TracksA nod to the band’s hometown of San Antonio, TX, The Juantanamos debut album shows off the band’s wide range of musical influences while still managing to maintain a cohesive sound. The songs examine the human condition from many different perspectives; exposing the “Ghost Tracks” life’s tragedies and triumphs leave behind on our psyches. Read more